National Institute of Management Quetta Sun, 05 Nov 2023 16:38:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 National Institute of Management Quetta 32 32 MCMC – 37 Fri, 04 Aug 2023 17:00:55 +0000 S# Name of the Participant Service Group / Department 1 Mr. Abdul Hameed IRS 2 Mr. Abdul Malik POF 3 Mr. Abdul Nabi IRS 4 Mr. Ali Akbar OMG 5 Mr. Anees Tariq BSS 6 Mr. Aoon Raza Shah Sherazi PA&AS 7 Mr. Arz Muhammad Umrani GoB 8 Mr. Ashfaque Ahmed PA&AS 9 Mr. Asif Shams POF 10 Mr. Azmat Ali OMG 11 Maj (R)  Bashir Ahmed PAS 12 Mr. Farooq Faiz PSP 13 Dr. Farooq Tareen HMC 14 Mr. Haroon Rasheed GHQ 15 Mr. Ibrar Ahmad ECP 16 Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khan OMG 17 Mr. Imran Mehmood IRS 18 Mr. Imtiaz Ali Kalhoro ECP 19 Mr. Janan Khan Jaffar BSS 20 Mr. M. Saleem Javed GoB 21 Mr.  Muhammad Adil Bugti BSS 22 Mr. Muhammad Ahmad Usmani OMG 23 Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Khan POF 24 Mr. Muhammad Asif PA&AS 25 Mr. Muhammad Faheem POF 26 Maj (R)  Muhammad Ilyas PAS 27 Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Khan Rly 28 Mr. Muhammad Saleem PA&AS 29 Mr. Muhammad Yasir Bazai BCS 30 Mr. Muhammad Yousuf ECP 31 Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Kakar Postal 32 Mr. Mumtaz Ali Khetran BCS 33 Mr. Murad Khan Kasi BCS 34 Mr. Naeem Ahmed ECP 35 Mr. Raouf Ali Petroleum 36 Ms.  Saeeda Manan GoB 37 Mr. Shakeel Ahmed ECP 38 Mr. Shoukat Ali Rly 39 Mr. Sultan Ahmed Bugti BCS 40 Engr. Syed Zulqarnain Shah PEC 41 Mr. Zaheer Ahmed BSS 42 Mr. Zahoor Ahmed P&D ]]> 0 Syeda Mubeen Fatima Sat, 27 May 2023 10:56:49 +0000 Directing Staff – Research

Syeda Mubin Fatima belongs to Colleges Department Balochistan. She has served NIM Quetta as ADS 2010 to 2014 and done her MCMC from NIM Lahore in 10th MCMC. During her 28 years professional career, she has served in different institutions related to Education and Training. She has completed her M.Phil. in Pak-Studies. She has been a faculty member of FABS (Faculty of Arts & Basic Sciences) from 2014 to 2016 in BUITEMS Quetta. She served as Principal Government Girls Degree College Kuchlak 2017 to 2018 and also served as Principal Government Degree College Khanozai 2019 to 2023. She has been paper setter and head examiner in the board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Quetta and University of Balochistan Quetta. She has been visiting faculty of the Iqra University Quetta and University of Balochistan Quetta. Again, she has joined NIM Quetta in May 2023.

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Syed Ali Raza Shah Sat, 27 May 2023 10:54:15 +0000 Chief Instructor

Dr. Syed Ali Raza Shah joined National Institute of Management (NIM) Quetta on 5th May, 2023, as Chief Instructor. He received his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical from Balochistan UET Khuzdar and Master’s from Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) North Cyprus. He completed his PhD from University Technology Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia in 2019, with the distinction of Best Student Award. He published more than 24 research papers in the renowned journals and international conference proceedings.

Dr. Shah has experience of administration, teaching and research more than 23 years. He worked as Director, Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) and also the Dean, Faculty of Engineering. He was the member of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), Board of Studies (BoS), Board of Faculty (BoF), Syndicate, and Selection Board.

He also worked as a Deputy Chief in the National Energy Conservation Centre (ENERCON), Ministry of Water and Power, Islamabad, where his services were placed/rendered to the World Bank/Asian Development Bank including JICA and UNDP BRESL projects to identify the core issues of energy efficiency and conservation. 

Dr. Shah completed his Faculty Development Program (FDP) from Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad and Advanced Faculty Professional Development Program from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. He attained several National and International Conferences, Seminars and Workshops. He successfully completed the group training program in policy planning for Energy Efficiency & Conservation organized by JICA, Japan and Seminar on Infrastructure Development for Pakistan sponsored by the ministry of commerce and organized by Academy of Microeconomic Research of National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China. He is HEC approved PhD Supervisor.

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MCMC-36 Sat, 08 Apr 2023 15:22:10 +0000


Name of the Participant

Gervice Group / Department


Sqn Ldr (R)  Abdul Haque Umrani



Mr. Abdul Malik Achakzai



Ms. Alaa Mazher Bokhari



Mr. Asif Ali

Ex-Cadre (MoD)


Syed Asif Feroze

Ex-Cadre (ASF)


Mr. Atiqullah



Mr. Badal Dashti



Mr. Faisal Shehzad

Ex-Cadre (MoD)


Mr. Faraz Saleem

Ex-Cadre (PWD)


Mr. Gojar Khan



Mr.  Hammad Nazar



Mr. Irshad Hussain



Mr. Jamil Ahmed

Ex-Cadre (ASF)


Mr. Kamran Dhangal



Mr.  Maqbool Ahmad



Ms. Marzia



Sardar Mavarhan Khan



Mr.  Mehboob Ahmed



Mr. Muhammad Abdullah



Mr. Muhammad Arshad Mahboob

Ex-Cadre (PWD)


Mr. Muhammad Dawood



Mr Muhammad Hasan Shafqaat



Mr. Muhammad Hassan

Ex-Cadre (M/o NFS&R)


Mr. Muhammad Iqbal

Ex-Cadre (GoB)


Mr.  Muhammad Ismail Danish



Mr. Muhammad Kaleem

Ex-Cadre (LG)


Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Tareen



Mr. Najeeb Ahmed Amir

Ex-Cadre (Aviation)


Mr.  Nawab Adil Khan



Mr. Nizam ud Din

Ex-Cadre (FGEI)


Capt (R)  Sarmad Saleem Akram



Mr. Shafiq Ahmad

Ex-Cadre (FGEI)


Ms. Shazia Noreen

Ex-Cadre (P&D)


Mr. Shujaat Ali



Mr. Skhawat Hussain



Ms.  Sughra Habib



Mr. Zaheer Ahmed

Ex-Cadre (ASF)

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Engr. Syed Usman Wed, 01 Feb 2023 07:51:10 +0000 Additional Directing Staff


Syed Usman received his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical with specialization in Electronics and Communications from MUST, Mirpur in 1999. He did his Post Graduation diploma of Information Technology from COMSATS Islamabad in 2002 and MS in Telecommunication Engineering from BUITEMS in 2016.
Syed Usman has experience of technical management, administration and teaching about 23 years. First in 1999, he was associated with Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) Quetta for two years as an Assistant Engineer Technical. Later on, he was designated as Assistant Divisional Engineer in Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). He served PTCL for 10 years as Assistant Divisional Engineer, Divisional Engineer and Senior Engineer in different cities of Pakistan working on various positions. He attained several International and national trainings, seminars and workshops. He joined department of Telecommunication Engineering, Faculty of Information & Communication Technology (FICT) BUITEMS in September 2010 as Lecturer. He has served as Chairman of department of Telecommunication Engineering and Electrical Engineering for six years. In 2017, he was selected as Deputy Director University Industry Linkages and Technology Transfer, Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) in BUITEMS. Since Nov 2022 he is working as Additional Directing Staff (ADS) at National Institute of Management Quetta.
Some of experiences and different achievements on his credit are transformation of traditional TDM switching setup into Packet Based network switching of Sindh and Balochistan and new numbering plan implementation of different telecom companies, accreditation of study programs of Pakistan Engineering Council, Board of Studies, Industrial Visits etc.

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Ali Lashari


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Academic Section Mon, 31 Oct 2022 04:59:10 +0000 Mr. Muhammad Khalid Khan Wazir Mr. Muhammad Tahir Lashari Reproduction Supervisor / IT Incharge Library Assistant Mr. Hassan Shahab Mr. Jamil Ahmed PA to ADS (Coord) Class Assistant Mr. Majid Khan Mr. Najam-ud-Din Record Assistant Class Assistant Mr. Abdul Hakeem Mr. Muhammad Abu Bakar Printing Section Reproduction Section ]]> 0 MCMC-35 Mon, 17 Oct 2022 08:55:24 +0000

S# Name of Participant Service Group
1. Mr. Aamir Ali Khan Ex-Cadre (MoHW)
2. Mr. Aamir Rafique Memon Ex-Cadre (PWD)
3. Mr. Abdul Fattah Hulio PAS
4. Mr. Abdul Ghafoor BSS
5. Mr. Abdul Hadi BSS
6. Mr. Abdul Hameed BSS
7. Mr. Abdul Razzaque Sasoli BCS
8. Mr Anwar Ul Haq Khan Lodhi Ex-Cadre (ASF)
9.  Syed Atta Ullah Shah PSP
10. Mr. Ghulam Rasool Ex-Cadre (ASF)
11. Mr. Habibullah Khan BCS
12. Mr Haroon Majeed Veeser Ex-Cadre (SoP)
13. Mr. Imran Afzal PCS
14. Mr. Imran Ibrahim BCS
15. Mr. Ismail Ibrahim BCS
16. Dr. Khuda Raheem BCS
17. Mr. Mehfooz Jamil Khan Ex-Cadre (ASF)
18. Mr. Muhammad Akbar Jan Gandapur PCS
19. Mr. Muhammad Arif BSS
20. Mr. Muhammad Arif Khan BSS
21. Mr. Muhammad Ejaz BSS
22. Mr. Muhammad Jan BCS
23. Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Ex-Cadre (WASA)
24. Mr. Muhammad Shuja-ul-Haq Ex-Cadre (P&D)
25. Mr. Muhammad Tahir Ex-Cadre (ASF)
26. Mr. Muhammad Younus Sanjrani BCS
27. Syed Naseebullah PA&AS
28. Mr. Naseer Ahmed Zia Ex-Cadre (PWD)
29. Mr Noor Ul Haq PA&AS
30. Syed Roohullah PA&AS
31. Mr. Saeed Ahmed Ex-Cadre (Information)
32. Mr. Samiullah Kakar BCS
33. Mr. Shafiq Ahmed LAS(GB)
34. Mr. Shafqat Anwar Shahwani BCS
35. Mr. Shahzad Liaqat Ranjha PCS
36. Mr. Shaukat Bashir Ex-Cadre (MoPDSI)
37. Mr Shiraz Gul Khan Ex-Cadre (POF)
38. Mr. Sultan Ahmed Ansari Ex-Cadre (ASF)
39. Mr. Tariq Rehman BSS
40. Mr. Tauqeer Ali Akbar OMG
41. Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad Ex-Cadre (MoHR)
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MCMC-34 Mon, 20 Jun 2022 09:00:39 +0000

S# Participant Name Service Group
1 Dr. Aamir Iqbal Raisani Ex-Cadre (HMC)
2 Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan Ex-Cadre (ASF)
3 Dr. Abdul Ghani Ex-Cadre (HMC)
4 Mr. Abdul Qadeer Khan BSS
5 Mr. Abid Hassan Ex-Cadre
6 Mr. Adnan Javed Khan FSP
7 Syed Akif Raza Ex-Cadre (Rly)
8 Syed Ali Mukhtar Zaidi Ex-Cadre (FGEI)
9 Mr. Altaf Hussain (PMS-KP)
10 Syed Anjum Raza Bokhari Ex-Cadre (IPO)
11 Syed Asad Ali Shah Ex-Cadre (PHA)
12 Syed Asif Mahmood Shah Ex-Cadre (NAB)
13 Mr. Askar Khan OMG
14 Mr. Baidullah Shah (PMS-KP)
15 Mr. Dil Nawaz Khan (PMS-KP)
16 Mr. Fiaz Alam (PMS-KP)
17 Mr. Hamid Hussain PCS
18 Mr. Iftikhar ul Haq Ex-Cadre (ASF)
19 Mr. Jahanzaib Khan BCS
20 Mr. Jehanzeb Khan FSP
21 Mr. Kashif Jameel FSP
22 Mr. Khudai Dad Durrani BSS
23 Mr. Khushnood Muhammad Khan Ex-Cadre (FGEI)
24 Mr. Muhammad Adeel Pervaiz FSP
25 Mr. Muhammad Adnan Rashid OMG
26 Malik Muhammad Akhlaq Ex-Cadre (POF)
27 Mr. Muhammad Juma Khan Kakar Ex-Cadre (GoB)
28 Dr. Muhammad Junaid Aslam Railways (T&C)
29 Mr. Muhammad Rafique BSS
30 Mr. Muhammad Shahzad Pervaiz PA&AS
31 Mr. Naimat Ullah Ex-Cadre (GPA)
32 Mr. Najeebullah Khan OMG
33 Mr. Nasar Ali (PMS-KP)
34 Mr. Naveed Abbas Ex-Cadre (POF)
35 Ms. Nayyar Razzaq Ex-Cadre (PHA)
36 Mr. Nayyer Saleem Ex-Cadre (SoP)
37 Syed Saiful Islam Shah (PMS-KP)
38 Syed Tanveer Akhtar Ex-Cadre (GoB)
39 Mr. Tariq Hussain BCS
40 Ms. Tooba Batool Postal Group
41 Mr. Umer Farooq Ex-Cadre (PHA)
42 Mr. Waheed Abbas Ex-Cadre (CDA)
43 Dr. Zeenat Shahwani Ex-Cadre (HMC)
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Faculty Lounge Fri, 17 Jun 2022 07:17:23 +0000

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