S# Participant Name Service Group
1 Mr. Ali Ijaz PCS
2 Mr. Amir Hamza Zehri BSS
3 Mr. Amjad Hussain PA&AS
4 Mr. Atta Muhammad Nasar IRS
5 Dr. Ehsan Ahmed Larik Ex-Cadre (HMC)
6 Mr. Ewaz Ali BSS
7 Mr. Faisal Idrees OMG
8 Dr. Gul Sabeen Azam Ghorezai Ex-Cadre (HMC)
9 Mr. Idrees Muhammad OMG
10 Dr. Imran Khan Ex-Cadre (HMC)
11 Mr. Junaid Mahmood PCS
12 Mr. Khurram Saeed Rana Ex-Cadre (FIA)
13 Mr. Muhammad Ali OMS
14 Mr. Muhammad Aslam BSS
15 Mr. Muhammad Saqlain Ex-Cadre (Rly)
16 Ms. Rashida Khalil IRS
17 Mr. Sadullah Khan Ex-Cadre (PBS)
18 Mr. Saleem Jehangir PA&AS
19 Mr. Shakeel Qadeer Ex-Cadre (PBS)
20 Mr. Umer Farooq Khan Ex-Cadre (F&WD)
21 Dr. Waheed ur Rehman Ex-Cadre (HMC)

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