Syed Farzand Ali

Additional Directing Staff (Coordination)

Syed Farzand Ali joined service at NIM in 1992 and holds Master Degree in Physics and Computer Science and Diploma in Information Technology (IT) from COMSAT Islamabad. On my credit, I had been engaged in conducting many Advanced Courses for Senior Officers of BPS-19 and diverse short courses in Gender Main Streaming & Computer skills sponsored by UNDP.  After the creation of NSPP, Mr. Ali has been involved in planning and conducting the Mid-Career Management Courses from MCMC-1 to MCMC-28. In 2008, was assigned the responsibility as Deputy Director (Program), performing all the duties such as Scheduling, Assessment, result compilation and assisting Chief Instructor in academic and course management activities. In 2012, the charge of Additional Directing Staff (Coordination) was given keeping in view the past performance and dedication towards the duties performed. Being the officer with faculty assignment, Mr. Ali managed all the course affairs related to the assignments of ADS (Coord) with additional responsibilities as Deputy Director (A & F) and has conducted an internal audit of NIM Quetta several times.