Course Title: MCMC-15

Course Duration :  14 Weeks

Course Date: (04 Mar to 08 June, 2013)

Participants  Details :

S.No Name (Alphabetically) Designation Ministry/Department/Posting Group Province/City
1 Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Vegetable Botanist Agriculture Research (ARI) Agriculture (Research) Quetta
2 Dr. Abdul Khaliq Deputy DHO Health Department HMC Washuk
3 Mr. Akhtar Ali Additional Director (Staff) National Accountability Bureau (Baclochistan) Ex-Cadre (NAB) Quetta
4 Mr. Ali Dost Magsi Additional Manager RDIC, QESCO QESCO Quetta
5 Mr. Eric Samson Executive Engineer (Tech) Chief Office North PHE Department PHE Quetta
6 Mr. Farid Ahmad Deputy Secretary Mineral, Industries, Labour & Commerce Department, Government of GB OMS (GB) Gilgit Baltistan
7 Mr. Fida Hussain Deputy Secretary (BISP) Gilgit Baltistan OMS (GB) Gilgit Baltistan
8 Dr. Khalid-ur-Rehman Deputy DHO Quetta Health Department HMC Quetta
9 Mr. Mehboob Hassan ADC (General) Kech, GoB BSS Quetta
10 Mr. Mirza Abdul Wahid Cotton Botanist Agriculture Research (ARI) Agriculture (Research) Quetta
11 Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Irshad Deputy Director Directorate of Agriculture Planning (Ext) Agriculture (Extention) Quetta
12 Mr. Moin-ur-Rehman Khan Deputy Secretary (Cabinet) S&GAD, Government of Balochistan BCS (EB) Quetta
13 Mr. Muhammad Azam Deputy Director National Highway Authority Ex-Cadre (NHA) Islamabad
14 Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Director Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat, Regional Office, Lhr OMG Lahore
15 Mr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Deputy Secretary OSD BSS Quetta
16 Mr. Nazar Ahmad Assistant Director Town Planning (GDA) Ex-Cadre (GDA) Gwader
17 Mr. Rahim Gul Deputy Secretary Law Department, Governmt of GB LAS (GB) Gilgit Baltistan
18 Mr. Rashid Sohail Section Officer National Food Security & Research Division OMG Islamabad
19 Mr. Rehmatullah Additional Manager T&G Div GSC QESCO QESCO Quetta
20 Mr. Salah-ud-Din ADC Revenue Chamman, GoB BCS Quetta
21 Dr. Shams-ud-Din Deputy Director FG (Audit) PA&AS Quetta
22 Mr. Shuja Ali Deputy CMA CMA Office PA&AS Quetta
23 Mr. Syed Farrukh Mehboob Section Officer Ministry of Foreign Affairs OMG Quetta
24 Mr. Syed Mohabat Shah Additional Manager (Surveillance) QESCO QESCO Quetta
25 Mr. Zia-ur-Rehman Deputy Divisional Directorate (School) Directorate of Education (School) Education Quetta