S# Name of Participant Service Group
1 Mr. Aamir Ahmad Shah Ex-Cadre
2 Mr. Abdul Jabbar Baloch BCS
3 Mr. Abdul Salam Qasim Ex-Cadre
4 Mr. Abdul Samad Ex-Cadre
5 Mr. Abdul Sattar Baloch Ex-Cadre
6 Mr. Abdul Shakoor Ex-Cadre
7 Mr. Abdul Wajid Panezai BSS
8 Mr. Abu Turab Ex-Cadre
9 Mr. Amanullah PCS
10 Mr. Amir Ishfaq Qureshi Ex-Cadre
11 Mr. Asim Rehman PCS
12 Mr. Dost Muhammad Ex-Cadre
13 Mr. Faiz Muhammad Khetran Ex-Cadre
14 Syed Ghayasuddin Rashdi PSP
15 Mr. Habib ur Rehman Jamot PAS
16 Mr. Habib-ur-Rehman BCS
17 Dr. Irfan Latif Ex-Cadre
18 Mr. Kamran Asad Ex-Cadre
19 Mr. Khalid Rashid PSP
20 Mr. Khizer Iqbal Ex-Cadre
21 Mr. Khyber Khan Ex-Cadre
22 Mr. Lal Muhammad Ex-Cadre
23 Mr. Majid Mahmood Cheema Ex-Cadre
24 Mr. Mansoor Ahmed Ex-Cadre
25 Syed Moalim Ex-Cadre
26 Mr. Muhammad Anwar Ex-Cadre
27 Malik Muhammad Arshad Ex-Cadre
28 Mr. Muhammad Azam Zafar Ex-Cadre
29 Mr. Muhammad Azhar Afzal Ex-Cadre
30 Mr. Muhammad Basit Noor Khan Niazi Ex-Cadre
31 Dr. Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer Ex-Cadre
32 Mr. Muhammad Hassan Ex-Cadre
33 Mr. Muhammad Saleem Ex-Cadre
34 Mr. Muhammad Sheryar Khan FSP
35 Mr. Muhammad Yasir Ishfaq Ex-Cadre
36 Mr. Muhammad Zaman Ex-Cadre
37 Syed Muzafar Ali Bokhari Ex-Cadre
38 Mr. Naseeb Ullah Ex-Cadre
39 Mr. Qaim Lashari BCS
40 Mr. Qasim Zafar Ex-Cadre
41 Mr. Riaz Hussain Ansari Ex-Cadre
42 Mr. Sabir Jamal PCS
43 Mr. Saeed Ahmed Qazi Ex-Cadre
44 Mr. Saifullah Khetran BCS
45 Mr. Saleem Chandio Ex-Cadre
46 Syed Sanaullah Agha PA&AS
47 Mr. Shafqat Fiaz Ex-Cadre
48 Mr. Shahid Hussain Malik Ex-Cadre
49 Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Ex-Cadre
50 Mr. Sheraz Ahmed Ex-Cadre
51 Mr. Tariq Mehmood Butt Ex-Cadre
52 Mr. Zafar Iqbal Ex-Cadre

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